Thursday, February 16, 2012

Swap Heaven

What is a heavenly swap? Someone said to paraphrase loosely, when you swap diamonds for diamonds. A not so good swap, when you get coal for diamonds.  Well, I must say the tag swap I just did was heavenly.  My partner made some beautiful BD and Holiday Tags. Not only were they beautiful to look at, they were so masterfully crafted.  Not a drop of glue anywhere, not one ragged cut.  The embellishments just right, the design divine.  Many crafters refer to their swap packages as "happy mail". Yes, it is true, when you see that package in your mailbox, you are one happy crafter.  But then, when you open the box, will it be a heavenly swap or not.    Well, the pics below give testament to the fact, that these items were definitely not coal.  Swapping with other crafters, is very rewarding, the artists I have traded with are amazingly gifted and talented. I suppose the one person you would not want to swap with if you have been naughty is Santa.  In that case, you can definitely count on receiving coal. . .So check out the pics below to see with your own eyes, what a heavenly swap is all about.

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