Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Halloween Tim Holtz Dress Form

Dress up Dolls of the Bony Variety

Skeleton Super Models

Halloween Fashion and Macabre Finery

I used Halloween Flowers, that I altered from my stash and little bits of touille , bling, and whatever seemed spooky, to add to TH dress forms and skeletons from Michael's. I used a hot gun, and colored the gems with an orange copic pen (YR04) I love these skeletons!!! They are just like dress up dolls, but of the bony variety.  Over half a dozen I think for 4.99 and I get them every year.  Here are some close ups of the gals and details of the dress forms. Can you pick out some of the Halloween flowers I blogged about below???

Halloween Fashion ShowSkeletons & Dress Forms

Monday, August 13, 2012

My New Halloween Project

All those Halloween displays at  Michael's have made me want to start creating for Halloween now.  They know exactly what they are doing, using their marketing voo doo to get me to buy ahead.  So I started to wonder, what could I create for one of my favorite holidays, without digging into my pocket book just yet, and it came to me.  Halloween Flowers.  I had flowers already made that I could alter. Little creepy crawlies , skull heads,and webbing.  So I decided to go forward with this concept in between my more seasonally appropriate summer crafting. Will post my flowers here, with the hopes that it will inspire others to do the same, have fun, and save some cash on Halloween Embellies.

Halloween Flowers- A Different Kind of Bouquet

Have you ever sent anyone a Halloween Bouquet? I haven't, but thought it would make a great Happy Hauntings gift, so I am going to start making some flowers from the dark side.  Hope to have a big stash by Halloween. Sharing with you my first attempts.

Work Ahead for Halloween , Make Spooky Fleurs!!!

It is so much fun to make flowers for Halloween.  Adding skull heads, spiders,webs and anything spooky creates that creepy, crawly , ambience you are trying to evoke.

Neon Flowers are Perfect for Halloween