Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Amazing Gift Bag Making Tip!!!

When you make a gift bag, you simply wrap your chosen paper around a cereal box!!!

2 12x12 papers
ATG gun these together
Wrap around a box like you are wrapping a present, but leave the other end open.
Use you ATG to glue it along the seams.  I like to cut 2 small rectangles, to fit the outside and inside bottom, to give it a special finished look.
That's  it. You already know how to make this, because I am sure you have wrapped presents before, so you will be an expert right from the start!

For variations, you can use border punches on the paper before you wrap it, for an especially custom look.  Bling, floral bead sprays, lace, stickles, you name it.  You can make these as simple or as dramatic as you like.

Check back for pics of the 2 bag sets I am working on for a swap.  Hope you try these, they are simply fabulous, and the recipient feels you have truly spoiled them , and you know what? - you have!!!.

Floral bead sprays, and Halloween Chunky Charms

It seems when life gets in the way of creating,  my blog seems to be most impacted.  So I am happy to be back to breathe life into it once more.  Love sharing pics with all of you, and hope to show you what crafts I have been working on.  I am learning how to do floral bead sprays! Wonderful tutorials on youtube, with easy instructions.  Oh my, these are incredible embellishments to add to your handcrafts.  I am also working on some halloween related swaps, and having fun with chunky charms of the spooky kind.  This is a great way to use up all of the skeleton beads I purchased at a local bead and gem faire.  I am trying to make them look Halloweenie and elegant.  Can I succeed? You be the judge.  I thought adding bling to the skull heads, would add a sophisticated  touch .  Trying not to go cutesy on these.