Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Altered Keys on Tags

Who knew that a car key , (and even a paint key that opens lids) could look so glamorous.  I did a wonderful altered key swap, and placed the blinged up keys on tags before I sent them off.  See if you can find the altered paint key in the pics below. *(BIG HINT-it is purple and labeled KEY).  This is a great example of using your stash , or junk, to make a fun re-cycle project.  The key is (no pun intended) to use epoxy glue so nothing slides off - ever.  I used 2 part UHO , a jewelry glue, and the bling is like  - cemented on.  I tried a glue gun and they peeled off.  Not really so difficult to make 2 equal puddles of epoxy, mix with a toothpick and then slather it on.  There is an element of drama, and a bit of an adrenalin rush, to get it all on, before it dries.  I find myself being super focused on what I am doing, attempting to be speedy and acccurate at the same time. I enjoy the challenge of it, but need to make sure I am well rested, and have had my coffee, before I attempt this. Caution: drinking alcohol and doing epoxy work does not bode well. The alcohol slows you down , and makes you clumsy. Friends do not let friends drink and epoxy.  Soooo, no sips of wine while your work. Seriously, check out the pics below, and see if you agree that car keys can be beautiful.

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