Friday, February 10, 2012

Soda Can Valentine Tag w/Altered Key

Soda cans everywhere you look!!! The bird cage ,butterfly, flower, embossed heart, and mini square, were all cut from aluminum.  The altered key was blinged up and then added to the mix.  Lace , ribbon, and pretty valentine designer paper completes the look and presents a unique valentine greeting.


  1. Great!
    Does your skin get cut up working with soda cans?

    1. Hello Emerald, I have been very lucky so far ( knock on metal) to have never cut myself. I handle it very gingerly when cutting, avoiding the ragged edges, then immediately cut them away to make a smooth edge before putting it into the Cuttlebug. I then can smooth it off further if I need to, with an emery board or sand block.


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