Saturday, January 28, 2012

Quill Paper Leaves and Flowers

Purchased some quill paper to make leaves and tendrils for cuttlebug quill flowers.  Adds a nice touch, don't you agree? Blog absence due to finishing up several swaps for the month of January.  Made a mini Christmas Album for the first time.  Thank goodness for youtube tutorials.  Also altered stackable boxes (they are not stackable any more!) and embellished with blinged up car keys. Have some valentine tags to share with you and completing BD tags along with  cuts from Zoo Balloo for an ABC swap. So busy creating  this month and enjoying  interacting with lots of new internet friends as we share our creations,celebrations, daily grind, celebrations and more. . .

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    You don't need fancy tools or paper to make these. Colored computer paper sheets and construction paper work works fine, and you can cut your own strips. I started making these before I had a quill pen, and just used the handle of a paint brush to twirl. A pencil will work as well. (pens, chopsticks, small dowels, etc.)


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