Thursday, January 19, 2012

Styrofoam Boiled Coffee Cup Basket

My favorite styrofoam creation, a little  basket. Perfect for party favors and filling with treats and trinkets.  It's not done yet, going to alter the surface. To make this, just put the rubber bands where you want the indentation, place in pot of boiling water with a weight.  In just a few minutes it will transform into it's chosen shape.  Remove with tongs, dry and decorate.  The handle is the top of the cup that I remove before dunking.  I like to remove the top on all my creations, as I think the shapes are more interesting.  Also, if you cut wavy curves on the top, you get a very femine and delicate effect.


  1. Glad you like this. Hope you try it, very enjoyable to do.


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