Saturday, July 12, 2014

Explore and Scan N Cut, Studio news and Crafty thoughts

So wonderful to be back with a new computer operating system 8.1 that works, and 2 new cutting machines in my arsenal - the Cricut Explore and the Brother Cut N Scan.  Oh, the projects I can share with you!

Everyone wants to know which is better.  I say they are a team.  Like a washer/dryer, shampoo/conditioner, or coffee/cream, they are a duo and I need them both.  With these two machines, for the first time, I can do everything I need to do.  Provocraft and Brother, you complete me. If you can save up, and if you can , get both of these, you will see what I mean.  They work side by side on my craft table, and I go back and forth between them on the same project.  I think of them now, as one machine, if that makes sense.  So now my projects are often hybrids, no more just cricut, but a combo of the best of both worlds, morphed into one.

I have been working on wiring my studio, getting a cat cable 5 to bring in internet, clearing and painting , and crafting in between.  Now, I have been remiss at photographing my works and posting due to some camera/reader /PC issues, but I ordered the Galaxy 5 , because of the camera, and I think I will be up and running again with a very visual blog.  I am feeling more like Art/Paper/Fiber than Cricut Melody, as I am expanding my horizons, and working again on textiles.  (spinning, crocheting, sewing, felting, weaving, carding, making yarn) so I may change the name of the blog.  I am a little afraid you won't be able to find me if I do, so I might just add it somewhere in the header.

So I have a paper creating area, and a fiber area, and it seems I can never keep both of them organized at the same time.  It reminds me when I lived in a huge 2 story "teacher mansion" in Illinois, which was rented out to me as part of my contract. Five bedrooms and a sunroom, huge porch, finished basement and I could never keep the upstairs and downstairs neatened up for company at the same time. Alas, I moved to California , before ever reaching that goal.  So , here I am, attempting to get it right this time, a work in progress, but nearing it's finish. Everyone seems to create such pretty studios, mine looks more like a factory.  I can not resist filling up a space with another machine  or workspace.  I don't do well with machines on shelves and like everything up and running in their own space.  It looks bad, but feels good, when I can just enter a space and have it all ready for me.  You would gasp if you saw it, but think of the convenience of having everything plugged in and ready to go.  Once I start crafting, I am really not looking around my craft room, but lost in the creative moment.  It sets up somewhat like my classroom, with lots of centers.  Thinking about teaching kids in there, and having them play with  everything.  I think they are so more capable , than perceived, and so limited in the offerings at school in the art department.  I get tickled imagining them delighting in the use of the cuttlebug,  fiskars, Tim Holtz electric, the big Shot and then learning the Expression and personal machine, Cricut Anniversary, the Pazzles, and all the little crafty tools we use, like the envelope punch, cinch, cutting boards, to name just a few.  And then I would show them how to blend roving  into different colors on my carder and spin yarn, and then felt it and , well , you get the idea.

So, I hope to get some pics of projects up with my new toys.  I also ordered the Ipad Air and the wireless adapter - I am really looking forward to using this.  Wishing to re-connect with my friends and blog followers here.  Love hearing about what you are doing  and looking forward to your comments.  We have so many crafting adventures ahead , with all of the technology available to us, to assist us in our creative endeavors.  They will never replace our creative mojos, but are so much fun to help us reach new craft heights with our creations.  We really are fortunate to have such an extensive and exciting array of tools available to us.  Have a great week-end, and may you all find the time to sneak in a little quality crafting time .  .  .

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